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COVID-19 Update(8/7/20):

Hello Extended Elliefam!
We continue to provide most of our services online (“telehealth”) to residents across the state of Minnesota, and have current availability for all of our services. Online services are easily accessible by cell phone or computer.
*We are currently providing some limited in-person services at our Brainerd clinic and on our community-based team (ARMHS, CTSS and in-home therapy), with strict protocol and safety measures in place. 
Online services currently available include: talk-therapy (all ages, individuals, couples and families), psychiatric medication management (children and adults), ARMHS & CTSS.
As the state of Minnesota starts to open back up again, we are continuously assessing the situation at Ellie and will re-open our clinics as soon as we can ensure that it’s as safe as possible for both our clients and staff.
We are very eager to open our doors again and have you check out our beautiful offices, and will keep you posted!
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Please reach out if you are having an increase in mental health symptoms or if you just need someone to talk to. We will continue to update the status of our openings via Facebook and through our newsletter. You can sign up at the following link.

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We are closely monitoring and following the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health guidelines and will continue to provide updates here regarding any changes in service delivery.

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We provide individual and couples counseling, child, teen and family therapy, medication management psychological testing and evaluation, ARMHS & CTSS, embedded programming & organizational mental health support, and additional customized services both in-office and in-home. We are proud to be able to serve the Twin Cities metro (with 7 metro locations) and the Brainerd Lakes Area with brick-and-mortar clinics, and the entire state of Minnesota via online therapy and medication management services.

Each of our counselors, therapists, psychologists and practitioners bring their unique experience, passion, specialty and personality to therapy, and all understand the power and importance of human connection and good relationships in the process of healing and self-discovery.

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