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COVID-19 UPDATE (5/13/2021):

Minnesota Governor Walz announced that effective 5/14/21, the statewide indoor mask mandate will no longer be in effect. Ellie Family Services will still require clients coming into an Ellie office to wear a mask for the indefinite future, due to the close and prolonged nature of our services. We are excited about the loosening public health restrictions, and we will continue to prioritize client and clinician safety.
We are scheduling both in-person sessions again! As a healthcare provider, many of our staff have received their COVID-19 vaccine, getting us one step closer to being together again as a Fam! We will be slowly phasing back to in-person to ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff. We are prioritizing our clinician’s comfort to returning to in-person as we start to re-open our doors, which means that your clinician may or may not be offering in-person sessions. Not all providers are seeing clients in person, and many clients have come to prefer telehealth sessions!
Current Ellie Fam:
If you currently see an Ellie provider, please work with them directly to learn more about their timeline for resuming sessions in person. We are also focusing our in-person sessions for our clients with the highest needs (i.e., limited access to internet hindering telehealth appointment options or other clinical indicators that reinforce
the need for in-person sessions).
Want to Join the Ellie Fam:
If you want to start services with an Ellie provider and would prefer in-person services, please reach out to us at 651-313-8080! Our Client Access Team can help you get started with a clinician for telehealth or in-person services.
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We are closely monitoring and following CDC and Minnesota Department of Health guidelines and will continue to provide updates regarding any change to services.

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