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MinnPost Reviews Our Book!

Minnpost talks about the book, “How to Stop Freaking the %#$ Out!”, and how Erin and Kyle aim to de-stigmatize mental health using humor.



Let’s End Stigma!

Ellie is on a mission to de-stigmatize mental health! Read about our efforts to help end stigma and how needing and getting help is normal!

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Erin on the news for for Mental Health Awarenesses Month! 

WCCO host, Kim Johnson, interviews Erin for Mental Health Awareness Month! Erin and Kim discuss the barrie r to accessing mental health care, and getting support.

WCCO | CBS Minnesota


Erin and Kyle speak with Kim Johnson at WCCO about the book! 

Erin and Kyle speak with WCCO’s Kim Johnson about their book, “How to Stop Freaking the %#$@ Out!”. The book utilizes humor to deal with worrisome thoughts and feelings, when “deep breathing doesn’t work”. WCCO | CBS Minnesota


Ellie offers police wellness visits

Kim  Johnson reports on the collaborative initiative between Ellie and the West St Paul police department. Supporting the community by bringing wellness consultations to law enforcement personnel

WCCO | CBS Minnesota