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Meet Our Coon Rapids Team

Jesse Johnson, MA, LMFT

Clinic Director – Coon Rapids, Therapist

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Jesse works well with clients who are not afraid of vulnerability. A few of her core values are integrity, accountability and transparency. She says, ‘I do not sugarcoat but have a graceful and honest approach. Humor and grace occupy my therapy space often, without the two progress could be difficult.’

Jesse is trauma-informed and vulnerability-based. The therapy space she provides includes; non-judgment, safety, compassion, and grace. She believes that we are the authors of our lives, and often the trouble starts when we only believe we are the characters in our own stories. Denying our stories is as painful as denying ourselves, when we can accept self-compassion and grace; often we are able to move forward in our “stories”. She emphasizes the healing power of connection within session. Connection looks like the energy that occurs when one feels completely seen, heard, valued and validated. With true connection, one can be vulnerable and begin to heal. To quote the great Brené  Brown:“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

Jesse’s area of specialty include Men’s Mental Health, Trauma, Addiction, Generational Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, Working with those who care for others (Therapists, Nurse., Practitioners, Police, EMT’s, Medical Providers, etc).

Masters – Marriage and Family Therapy
Saint Mary’s University