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About Ellie Coon Rapids

Ellie Family services’ Coon Rapids clinic is conveniently located on Coon Rapids Boulevard, just east of Highway 169, and South West of Highway 10. Ellie Coon Rapids serves residents of the North West Metro and Anoka County Area. Our Coon Rapids location has convenient parking on site, and is in a great single level building that’s easy to find.

Our Coon Rapids clinic is not yet open, but we are scheduling local clients immediately for online, web-based services (telehealth). We provide both psychotherapy and medication management for our Coon Rapids, North Metro clients. In addition to providing clinic-based mental health services, we are also offering Community-Based Services to Anoka County, and these include: ARMHS, CTSS & In-Home Therapy.

We are in the process of hiring additional therapists for Coon Rapids, so keep an eye out on this page as we add new profiles and bios to the clinic site. As of now, our current providers specialize in the following:

    • Men’s mental health
    • Trauma and substance use
    • relationships (couples, families, systems) including family communication and conflict work, pre-marital counseling, discernment and divorce facilitation
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Working with Emergency Responders (police, fire, EMT, paramedics, dispatchers, investigators, etc.)
    • Working with other “helping” professionals (including nurses, social workers, therapists, doctors) around compassion fatigue and wellness

At Ellie Coon Rapids, we love to “help the helpers” and those who are on the front lines, doing vital work to keep our communities safe, well and healthy. Our clinicians specialize in trauma-based therapies and offer individual and group work around compassion fatigue, otherwise known as “secondary trauma”. Being a helper can take a toll, and it’s important that healers get healing too!

After your session at Coon Rapids, we recommend checking out the beautiful sights and scenery in the area. Take a look below for things to do in the Coon Rapids area!

Meet Our Coon Rapids Team

Jesse Johnson, MA, LMFT

Clinic Director – Coon Rapids, Therapist

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Jesse works well with clients who are not afraid of vulnerability. A few of her core values are integrity, accountability and transparency. She says, ‘I do not sugarcoat but have a graceful and honest approach. Humor and grace occupy my therapy space often, without the two progress could be difficult.’

Jesse is trauma-informed and vulnerability-based. The therapy space she provides includes; non-judgment, safety, compassion, and grace. She believes that we are the authors of our lives, and often the trouble starts when we only believe we are the characters in our own stories. Denying our stories is as painful as denying ourselves, when we can accept self-compassion and grace; often we are able to move forward in our “stories”. She emphasizes the healing power of connection within session. Connection looks like the energy that occurs when one feels completely seen, heard, valued and validated. With true connection, one can be vulnerable and begin to heal. To quote the great Brené  Brown:“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

Jesse’s area of specialty include Men’s Mental Health, Trauma, Addiction, Generational Trauma, Compassion Fatigue, Working with those who care for others (Therapists, Nurse., Practitioners, Police, EMT’s, Medical Providers, etc).

Masters – Marriage and Family Therapy
Saint Mary’s University

Sway Gutierez, MSW, LICSW


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Sway loves working with all kinds of clients, really.  Women, men, teens, pre-teens, families.  She appreciates the differences that all of these can bring to the therapy process.

‘Acceptance without judgement’ is a saying Sway uses often as it is important to her to convey this sentiment as people trust her to support them in their work.  It is her desire that a client would experience warmth and open mindedness, empathy and compassion as you work together.

Sway is rooted in CBT, challenging negative core beliefs, identifying negative thought patterns that are not helpful to clients. Learning how you can modify those in an effort to live out healthier and more effective behavioral patterns that will support that client in a more fulfilling life.


Masters – Social Work
Walla Walla University, Billings, MT

Licenses and Certifications

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Nicole Nelson, MA, LMFT


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Clients seeing Nicole can expect that she will meet them where they are at in life.  She comes from a place of curiosity, warmth, and empowerment. She feels that a genuine connection with clients is key to the therapeutic collaborative relationship which allows for clients to grow and heal in a safe environment where vulnerability is seen as strength.

Nicole’s specialties include life transitions, peer relationship concerns, communication issues, social skills, behavioral/emotional concerns (i.e. anger, anxiety, depression, opposition, self-esteem, and stress management), familial stressors and changes, expression of emotions, attachment concerns, and trauma.

Nicole’s ideal clients are children, adolescents, young adults, and families.

One size does not and will never fit all.  Clients can expect that their therapy journey will fit each individual’s needs.  When appropriate, her practices includes attachment, CBT, existential, play therapy, solution-focused, structural, and trauma informed care theories.  She also likes to include mindfulness practices into the work she does.

Masters – Marriage and Family Therapy
Saint Mary’s University

Licenses and Certifications
CCTP (Certified Clinical Trauma Professional – in training)
Working toward play therapy certification

Amanda Neumann, MA, LMFT


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Amanda’s ideal client is someone (individual, couple, or family) who is willing to be vulnerable or open to the idea of working towards that.  Someone who is willing to work together.
Clients seeing Amanda for therapy can expect that she focuses not just on the concern that brought them to therapy but their strengths/hobbies as well.  Clients can expect conversation and humor during therapy sessions. The therapy process will be whatever works best of each client with focus on building the therapeutic relationship. Clients can expect that Amanda works toward building a safe place for them.
Amanda’s specialties are: Adoption, depression, anxiety, trauma, relational conflicts, ADHD, parenting, domestic violence, life transitions.
Amanda’s focus is to work alongside you to support you in reaching your goals.  She does not believe in cookie cutter therapy techniques, but believes it is her job to figure out what works best for each client.  Some techniques that she uses are CBT, experiential, TFCBT, solution focused, play therapy, strength based, and genograms (family tree).  As a marriage and family therapist, she also thinks it’s important to discuss relationships in a client’s life.
Masters – Marriage and Family Therapy
Saint Mary’s University
Licenses and Certifications
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

Gabe Ottman, MA


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Gabe has a passion for working with children, teens, and families coping with trauma and unexpected life changes. He believes in creating a safe environment and building a trusted therapeutic relationship that will make change possible. His overall goal is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families.

Using an integration of complementary approaches, Gabe uses a variety of techniques and methodologies to incorporate what is most beneficial for each client. He is dedicated and committed to providing quality mental health services and believes that each person is unique and should be treated with dignity and respect.

Education background

Saint Mary’s university of Minnesota
Masters of Arts, Marriage Family Therapy

Chaminade University of Honolulu
Bachelor of Science , Psychology

Toni Schulz, MS, LMFT


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Seeing Toni for therapy, clients can expect a therapist who is down to earth and brings authentic self to session. Someone who is curious, straight forward yet gentle, honest, genuine and has a great sense of humor.

Toni’s ideal client is an individual who sees vulnerability as courage, finds value in openness, transparency and humor. They have the desire to gain insight about what’s working and what isn’t working. They have interest in investing in themselves and genuinely building a life worth living.

Toni’s specialties include: Trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, substance use, co-occurring disorders, borderline personality disorder, grief and loss, transitions, interpersonal and relational challenges

Toni’s therapeutic techniques include: DBT, CBT, experiential, solution focused, systems and attachment theories, trauma lens (EMDR)

Masters – Minnesota State University, Mankato

Licenses and Certifications

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT)
  • EMDR basic training 1 & 2

Megan St. Amand, MA, LAMFT


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Megan’s ideal client is a child, adolescent, partners, or parent(s) seeking understanding, meaning, and healing in their life and in their relationships. Often, these are clients that have already begun their journey; they’ve read articles, books, have taken quizzes, or have completed a workbook and yet, it’s still not working. The ideal client is ready to try something different to reach their potential.

Clients seeing Megan for therapy can expect a warm, nurturing and safe space. A place where you are seen and heard. A welcoming space, where you are encouraged to come as you are, knowing someone is walking with you, on your journey, as small victories are celebrated and challenges are overcome.

Megan’s specialties Issues affecting children and adolescents, their families and their parents:
Difficulties in school, learning differences, executive functioning, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, dyslexia, dysgraphia, developmental disorders, regulation skills, sensory seeking and avoiding, self-confidence, self-worth, self-harm, attachment and trauma.

Communication, relational skills, understanding child’s learning profile, effective advocacy for child in school; 504/IEP, divorce, co-parenting, step families, blended families, parental alienation, attachment and trauma.

Honoring our humanity and the world we live in, I utilize an umbrella approach that begins with a Trauma-Informed and Attachment Lens. Within the umbrella are the approaches used to meet the client where they are at and enable new skills to develop. I incorporate light-hearted humor and collaboration into a strength-based approach, using Solution-Focused and Experiential Therapies. When working with younger children, ages 3-9, I utilize experiential play and sandtray therapies. As a trained, certified provider of Clinical Pediatric Hypnosis, I can provide relaxations techniques such as mindfulness, visualization, and hypnosis. I strive to provide clients skills that allow for greater self-regulation, while improving their over-all social, emotional, and mental health.


Masters – Marriage and Family Therapy
St. Mary’s University of Minnesota

Licenses and Certifications:

  • Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapy, #4011, State of Minnesota
  • Certified in Clinical Pediatric Hypnosis, NPHTI
  • Certified Prepare/Enrich Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Certified Facilitator, Parents Forever™
  • Minnesota Teaching License (K-6) inactive
  • Arizona Teaching License (K-8) inactive

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