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ABOUT ELLIE Minneapolis

Our Ellie Family Services Minneapolis clinic is conveniently located in North East Minneapolis, between 280 and 35W. This is a great location for people who live in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs. We are just a few minutes away from the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus, and easily accessible from both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. Our clinic is easy to find on Hennepin, and there’s plenty of free off-street parking (the parking lot is huge!).

At Ellie Minneapolis, we’ve put the Ellie vibes into a great historic building and are proud of the amazing atmosphere we’ve created. The atmosphere doesn’t feel “medical” (no uncomfortable chairs or terrible artwork), but like a place you’d want to go to hang out (we also play some really good music). We have a great group of amazing providers here who offer therapy, psychiatric medication management, ARMHS and CTSS. At Ellie Minneapolis, we see individuals and families of all ages, and our staff include several child specialists who incorporate play into their work with kids.

At Ellie Minneapolis, we also LOVE to work with college students, and conveniently we’re located right near a few of the major local campuses. Our providers understand the grind of college (we’ve been there too!) and are passionate about helping students navigate the challenges, and highs and lows of college life.

Additionally, we are proud to have several trauma therapists on-site, who utilize cutting edge treatments, including EMDR to help support adults and children to deal with and navigate trauma related stress. Within our trauma-specialist staff, we do have some bi-lingual providers who can provide therapy services in Spanish.

At Ellie, a few of our most important core values are authenticity, humor and creativity. Our therapists cut the “formal” (no suits and ties) and don’t act “differently” because of their title. We do our best to make mental health what it is: normal! We all have it, we all need to take care of it. No need to be ashamed to be here, and we can even have fun doing this work!

We use humor as a means of connection, and laughter is truly a medicine. Last but not least, we work hard to create a culture of creativity- we want our staff and clients to be able to use their own inner resources to come up with new ways of doing what they do! Our staff utilize all sorts of creative methods in doing their work, and we hope to inspire this kind of creative problem-solving in our clients as well.

After you’re done with a session at Ellie Minneapolis, consider checking out other cool things happening in the area! The North East area is a great place to find restaurants, breweries, historic shops and cool houses, and is well known for its Arts and River Front Districts. To learn more about the NE community, check out the link below for places to visit after your appointment with Ellie!

Meet Our Minneapolis Team

Jay Callahan, MS, LPCC

Clinic Director – Minneapolis, Therapist

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Jay is a trauma informed strengths-based therapist who is passionate about empowering and equipping individuals to pursue health and wellness in all areas of their lives. His areas of professional interest include interventions to address the impact of developmental trauma, sexual health, religious trauma, and LGBTQ+ identity development and growth.

He is an EMDR trained therapist and also incorporates mindfulness and the outdoors into therapy. You can expect that he will listen empathetically and seek to collaborate with you to develop goals for improving functioning and invite you to walk and talk if the weather is good.


Winona State University, Masters of Science in Community Counseling

Winona State University, Certification in Addiction Counseling

Winona State University, Bachelor of Teaching in Secondary Education

Lydia Cotch, MA


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Lydia is a warm and determined therapist who is solution focused and strengths based. Lydia does her best to meet clients where they’re at and form goals thoughtfully and collaboratively along side them. Her approach to therapy is an open and honest conversation, grounded in respect, commitment, and humor. Lydia works to create a therapeutic space where client’s can feel safe to confidently explore their journey thus far. Her education is grounded in marriage and family therapy, bringing a systemic based lens that always considers how her client’s environment, relationships, and other influences impact their experience.

Lydia has experience working with adolescents, couples, families and individuals. She has worked in intensive in-patient hospital settings, high schools, out patient clinics, in client’s home and communities, and in group therapy settings.

Education Background

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Masters of Arts. Marriage and Family Therapy.

University of Minnesota. Bachelors of Psychology.

Maggie Fischer, MSW, LICSW


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Maggie believes that everyone, even little ones, deserve a space to feel safe and heard no matter what. She has a passion for helping kids and their families understand their feelings and behaviors through authentic connection and relationship. She values family involvement and sees the family as critical to the child’s ongoing development and growth. Maggie uses play, art, books, mindfulness, and more to help explore and meet the emotional, social, and mental health needs of her clients.
Maggie has experience working with both children and adolescents, but has a unique passion for and specialization in work with children under 6. Her clinical experience has been in individual and family therapy, clinical care consultation with school teachers/staff and other service providers, and intensive outpatient group therapy. Maggie’s perspective relies heavily on attachment, child development, the impact of family systems and is trauma-informed.

University of St. Thomas and St. Catherine’s: Master of Social Work
University of St. Thomas and St. Catherine’s: Bachelor of Social Work
Advanced Training:
DC:0-5 Diagnostic Criteria for Children Under 6

Malory Giraldo, MSW, LGSW

Bilingual Spanish-English Therapist

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Traducción en Español sigue

As a clinical social worker, Malory’s approach to mental health is deeply rooted in respect and understanding of the client, fortifying their strengths, holding a trauma and stress sensitive space, and further understanding the systems that impact them. She sees therapy as a space for empowerment, attuning to one’s intuition and inner knowledge, finding calm and resolve, and being gracious with ourselves along the healing journey.

Malory approaches the therapeutic relationship using psychodynamic, narrative, and mindfulness/body-based therapies. As a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor with concentrations on underrepresented, diverse populations and conscious communication, yoga therapy can be woven into the healing process. Malory is experienced in cross-cultural work, individual and intergenerational trauma, self-esteem and body image, anxiety and depression, adjustment, romantic and interpersonal relationship challenges, gender-based violence and domestic violence, grief and loss, and attachment concerns.

Malory has a professional background in community and international development, gender concerns, ethics, environmental sustainability, and holistic body-based healing techniques.

University of St. Thomas & St. Catherine University, Master of Social Work
Luther College, Bachelor of Arts, Spanish and Religion

Como trabajadora social clínica, el enfoque de Malory hacia la salud mental está basado en el respeto y la comprensión hacia el/la cliente. Malory se enfoca en ayudar a fortificar las fortalezas de los clientes, en mantener un espacio sensible al estrés y el trauma, y en comprender mejor los sistemas sociales que afectan la salud mental de los clientes. Ella ve terapia como un espacio para el empoderamiento, para alinearse con la intuición y el conocimiento interno, para encontrar tranquilidad y soluciones, y para aprender a hacer amables con nosotros mismos en el proceso de sanación.

En su práctica, Malory utiliza la terapia psicodinámica, terapia narrativa, y terapias basadas en nuestro conocimiento corporal. Malory también es instructora certificada de Kundalini Yoga, con énfasis en la comunicación consciente, ella a ha trabajado con poblaciones diversas y subrepresentadas, y considera que se puede incorporar el yoga como parte de una terapia para ayudar en el proceso de sanación. Malory tiene experiencia significativa en trabajo intercultural, trauma individual e intergeneracional, autoestima e imagen corporal, ansiedad y depresión, adaptación, desafíos en relaciones románticas e interpersonales, violencia de género y violencia doméstica, duelo y pérdida, y preocupaciones en los vínculos afectivos.
Malory cuenta con experiencia y formación profesional en desarrollo comunitario e internacional, asuntos de género, ética, sostenibilidad ambiental y técnicas holísticas de sanación basadas en el cuerpo.

Universidad de St. Tomas y St. Catherine, Maestría en Trabajo Social
Luther College, Licenciatura, Español y Religion

Jorgen Knutson, MA


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Jorgen brings a unique experience and passion into her work as a therapist, having worked with diverse families, couples, individuals, and communities . She embraces a holistic approach and believes healing comes from connecting to our communities as well as our spiritual, physical, and emotional well being.

Jorgen is committed to providing culturally attentive therapy in a nurturing environment where differences are valued and respected. She appreciates the complexity of relationships and collaborates with her clients to foster trust, safety and respect on the path to healing. She believes that individuals are the experts of their own lives, thus entering into this journey with clients is one where she focuses on building her clients’ strengths while also honoring their unique life experiences.

Jorgen has worked in various community settings serving youth and families. She loves working with children, teens, and adults in various life-stages. She is a passionate advocate for issues of equality & social justice as well as holding the space for individuals to question and explore their own spirituality.

Cari Kokotovich, PsyD, LP

Licensed Psychologist

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Cari is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides psychological evaluations and therapy for children. When working with kids through the evaluation process, Cari’s goal is to find ways to help provide a picture of the child that will lead to an increased sense of understanding and more effective support from caregivers, therapy providers, and educators. Through these evaluations, she can assess for diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, screen for learning difficulties, as well as other mood and behavioral disorders.

When Cari works with kids in therapy, her goal is to find ways to work with the child and caregivers to maximize the child’s success in his/her environment. While play is definitely a part of any session with kids she works with, she also works to build skills and follow evidence based practices. In addition to working with the child, Cari works to help problem solve and build strategies with the caregivers. Cari has received certification in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has worked with many children through their trauma and grief. Healing from trauma is a process, and Cari is grateful to be a part of that journey for children and their families.

Cari has worked with children and their families in a variety of contexts and she greatly enjoys seeing the world from a child’s perspective and joining them in their play. Cari will bring creativity, energy and research based ideas on how to best address a kid’s needs in therapy.

When Cari is not at work, she is enjoying new adventures and experiences with her family, spending time outdoors, trying new theaters, and, of course, curling up on a couch with a good book or show.


Psy.D. –  Clinical Psychology
Minnesota School of Professional Psychology

Bachelors – Child Psychology
University of Minnesota

Pre-Doctoral Internship
Penn-State Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA (APA-Accredited)

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Fraser
Certified Therapist, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Stephanie Michaels, PsyD, LP

Licensed Psychologist

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My approach to therapy is grounded in understanding and working with the unique contexts and attributes of each person. Exploration and change occur when people feel seen and heard in a comfortable, nonjudgmental environment. I create a sense of safety through a warm, empathic and transparent style. I am flexible in my approach to therapy so that I can work compassionately and collaboratively with people toward their therapy goals.

I draw upon elements from several therapies including Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I provide individual therapy to adults on a range of issues, but I have special interests in anxiety, women’s issues, grief and loss, life changes and events, and trauma. I also have a special passion for working with young adults who are navigating higher education or life transitions.

Kelly Pieper, MSW, LICSW


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Even little people can require support! Kelly has expertise in working with children ages birth through age 18 with specific emphasis on early childhood (birth through age 6) and children and families on the permanency spectrum (foster care through adoption). She maintains a trauma-informed, strengths-based perspective and aims to involve the family in problem solving, solution finding, and resilience building. Kelly is also a board approved supervisor with specific training in reflective supervision and serves as a consultant for childcare providers on early childhood social and emotional development.

Kelly’s specific passion in working with children and their families lies in the unique way every child develops differently and the way that keeps a therapist on her toes! Kids have different brains and have different social, emotional, and mental health needs than adults. Every kid deserves a provider that understands them and does not make attempts to fit them into an adult-sized mold. Therapy with kids is dynamic, challenging, and incredibly important! This is the work that brings Kelly energy daily.

Advanced Training and Certifications:

Trauma-Informed Child Parent Psychotherapy (rostered provider)
DC:0-5 Diagnostic Criteria for Children Under 6
Permanency and Adoption Competency Certificate


University of Minnesota Twin Cities – Masters of Social Work
University of Wisconsin Madison – BS

Terrance Ostrander


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Terry is a strength-based therapist who believes It takes great courage to seek support, whether it be during times of suffering or during a period of change, and the focus of his practice is to provide support by working together to cultivate inner strength and self-understanding.

Terry utilizes an integrative and holistic approach to psychotherapy. His practice is rooted in mindfulness, CBT and DBT approaches, and contemporary Psychodynamic therapy. His work also draws from the mind-body connection, spirituality, social/cultural influences, neuroscience, and compassion.
There are countless reasons why people seek therapy – whether it’s the daily stressors of life, relationship struggles, or painful experiences and emotions. Challenges are a part of life, and no one is immune to them.

Sometimes these challenges become too much to bear on our own, or we find that our efforts to solve the problem simply aren’t working. When an individual is hurting, confused, troubled, anxious, alienated, terrified; or when he or she is doubtful of self-worth, uncertain as to identity, then understanding is called for. The gentle and sensitive companionship of an empathic stance… provides illumination and healing. In such situations deep understanding is, Terry believes, the most precious gift one can give to another.

As a therapist, Terry is open and affirming and strives to foster a climate of purposeful inclusion of all people. Terry values the diversity of racial and cultural identity and background, nationality, sexual and affectional orientation, gender identity and its expression, religious background and belief, marital status, family structure, age, mental and physical health, appearance, size, political perspective, educational and class status.

Issues and concerns Terry commonly works with include: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Co-occurring disorders, Communication and Relationships issues, Identity and transition concerns, Grief and loss, Self-esteem, Stress management and relaxation, Thought and mood disorders as well as Early Adulthood Transition.


Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Master of Arts, Counseling & Psychological Services. University of Minnesota, Bachelor of Science, Psychology.

Christina Potter, MA


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Christina is a therapist who is passionate in meeting clients where they are in their recovery while emphasizing on being a guest in the client’s journey. Christina gravitates to a strengths based approach while focusing on the present and what the possibilities are for the future. Christina takes on the coaching role while working with client’s finding their best way to cope with what life throws at us and decreasing emotional reactivity.

Christina offers client-centered therapy for adults, couples, and families. Christina has a history of providing in-home services with adolescents and their families and adults in ARMHS and in-home therapy. Christina also has a history of working with victims and survivors of sexual violence, homeless families and adults with SMPI. Christina has her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and is in the process of seeking licensure.

Education Background:

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Master of Arts, Marriage and Family Therapy

St. Cloud State University, Bachelor of Arts, Major in Community Psychology, Minor Psychology

Alysia Schwartz, MA, LADC, LPCC


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Alysia is a strengths based, trauma informed therapist who believes in building an authentic and trusting therapeutic relationship. She provides a safe and non-judgmental environment where clients can feel their story matters. Alysia empowers clients through a holistic approach and mindfulness techniques. She recognizes therapy is a collaborative process and each individual has a unique set of needs and goals.

Since 2013 Alysia has worked as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in various settings including inpatient, outpatient, and medication assisted treatment. While working in the addiction field she recognized the connection between addiction and mental health and was motivated to pursue a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology.

Through her experiences she discovered a passion for working with individuals who identify in the LGBTQ+ community. Alysia focuses on helping clients explore their identity, feelings of shame and guilt, and cultural marginalization.

Outside of work Alysia enjoys spending time with her rescue dogs, exploring Minnesota, thrift shopping, and discovering new music.


Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Master of Arts, Counseling and Psychological Services

Metropolitan State University, Bachelor of Science, Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Andrea Torres-Guerra, BS

Medication Assistant

Colleen Zimmer, MSN, PMHCNS-BC

Psychiatric Medication Prescriber

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Colleen’s career in psychiatry started by working as a registered nurse in a community mental health center. She supported individuals with a wide range of mental health needs. That experience provided the foundation for advancing her career and she obtained her advanced practice license. Due to the significant shortage of mental health providers with prescribing privileges, Colleen knew this was a vital piece needed to assist individuals towards mental wellness.

In a variety of settings throughout her career, Colleen has worked with populations who experience a range of mental health issues, people with chemical dependency issues and those with diverse backgrounds. She believes everyone has the right to access appropriate resources as they work towards mental wellness.

Colleen has an open, friendly approach to mental wellness. She understands each person has a life story to tell and actively listens, working together with the individual on their journey to wellness. Colleen takes a holistic approach taking into account psychological, physical and social aspects of each individual’s life. She believes every person is unique and therefore, deserves a unique treatment plan that works for their life.


University of Minnesota, Master of Science, Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist

The College of St. Scholastica, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

American Nurses Credentialing Center – Board Certified Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist