Minnesota’s Rochester is a thriving city of just over 100,000. Distinguished by its culture of caring, spirit of innovation, and history. Rochester, MN is renowned for its many naturalistic sceneries, parks, dining, shopping, and entertainment!

We are conveniently located between HWY 14 and HWY 63. Beyond its ease of access, our clinic offers free parking. Ellie Rochester is a community-driven clinic. Staffed by therapists who are from, and deeply involved in the happenings of the local area in clinic, various schools, churches and other community organizations. Maintaining a commitment to developing creative approaches to mental health support, and ensure that each person, couple or family unit receives personalized and customized wellness support to meet their unique needs.

Ellie Rochester has therapists who provide a wide range of approaches, specialties & styles and personalities. We see ages 5-100+ and do a lot of work with all those in between.

  • All types of therapy for adults- individuals and couples
  • Family “systems” therapy for the whole family
  • Maternal mental health counseling, including post-partum therapy services (depression, anxiety, intrusive thinking and obsessive compulsive concerns during and after pregnancy)
  • Trauma informed therapies, including EMDR, and Trauma-Focused CBT
  • integrative approaches that include DBT skills work
  • LGBTQ+ clients and concerns
  • Suicidal ideation and self-injury related struggles
  • Mindfulness-based approaches to therapy and skills work
  • Grief and loss support

We take a “realistic” approach to mental health service delivery- valuing authenticity, humor and creativity (among other things). We promote innovative thinking and problem solving, and help support our professional staff to show up in genuine ways- this comes from the belief that good therapy must be honest to who we are as individuals.

Meet Our Rochester Team

Lacy Osborne, MSW, LICSW

Clinic Director, Therapist

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When clients come to see me, they can expect a non judgmental space to share their story. I believe that each person’s story is unique and special in their own way. I specialize in trauma, grief, depression, and anxiety.

Taking steps to start therapy can be difficult. Thus, my ideal client is one willing to start to process to gain more insight into their self.  I work with adults. I am especially passionate about help those who have experienced trauma (big or small), grief, anxiety, or depression.

My therapeutic approach is eclectic, strengths based and solution focused.  I have had training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).  I am also an Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) certified clinician.


Minnesota State University, Mankato – Master of Social Work

Licenses and Certifications

  1. Licensed Independent Clinical Social worker (LICSW)
  2. EMDR Certified Clinician
  3. MN Board Approved supervisor (Board of Social Work and Board of Behavior Health and Therapy)

Samantha Miller, MA, LPCC

Clinic Manager, Therapist

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Samantha’s ideal client is individuals who are looking for someone to listen, collaborate with and work together to create more. Clients can expect an open and caring environment when working with Samantha!

Samantha has experience working with trauma, grief and loss, EMDR, life transitions, stress management, anxiety, depression, and anger. Samantha’s therapeutic techniques can include CBT, EMDR, Narrative, Motivational Interviewing, and Solution Focused.


Saint Mary’s University- MA in Counseling and Psychological Services

Kathryn Jargo, MA, LPCC

Community Based Services Director, Therapist

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I am regularly in awe of the courage it takes to recognize that change is needed, and to make the call or walk through the doors looking for guidance on how to makes those changes. Whether asking for help feels like a “have to” or a “want to”, I’d like to assist you in finding ways to feel healthy, happy, and safe.

My early years were spent in homes working with children and families to build skills, relationships, access to community resources, and independence. As a social worker I worked with adults moving through traumatic experiences like civil commitment, chronic mental health concerns or drug court.

I have always resonated with folks who are experiencing transitions in their lives. Whether navigating challenges with family, legal, wellbeing or purpose, we can work together to bridge the transition, or simply acknowledge that it is happening.

At Ellie Family Services, we will employ a variety of therapeutic approaches to best support your story.Through genuine connection, humor and humility, I hope to provide you with a safe space to find out what works for you, what does not, and where there is room for movement.

When not working you may find me running amok in the woods with my dog or challenging someone to a game of cribbage.


University of Denver, Master of Arts, Forensic Psychology

Winona State University, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Catherine Avant, MSW, LICSW


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I enjoy working with children, adolescents and young adults, as well as their families. My ideal client is someone who is willing to broaden their perspective and/ or to try new ways of doing things. I truly believe that we can all benefit from therapy from time-to-time and continue to feel heartened when meeting new clients as it takes great courage to take that initial step.

Clients can expect me to be genuinely curious about them and their interest in therapy. I prefer to work collaboratively with clients and strive to make all clients feel comfortable and accepted. I tend to be rather laid back and incorporate humor whenever possible. I have been told that I have a compassionate while direct way of communicating with my clients.

My clinical experience ranges from working with individuals in their homes, in schools, and in the outpatient setting who are struggling with various mental health difficulties. Much of my work has included individuals have endured trauma, are struggling to adjust to a new phase of life/ transition, or are seeking help to mend relationships.

I like to incorporate a variety of therapeutic techniques and tend to take a non-directive approach when working with both children and adults. I am adamant about tailoring therapy to clients’ individual and unique needs and place great importance on the therapeutic relationship. I prefer to focus on individual strengths and strive to meet clients where they are at. I often utilize elements of mindfulness, CBT, DBT skills, Narrative Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.


St.Catherine University/ University of St Thomas- MSW


Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)


Teryn Coffman, MSW, LGSW


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I aim to serve children, adolescents/teens and adults who are struggling with mental health symptoms or any stressor that may be overwhelming. I also see couples and families. I hope to help guide my clients through their current situation and be there for them as they navigate some of life’s difficulties. You don’t always have to be in crisis to benefit from therapy.

When a client comes to see me for therapy they can expect a more conversational and laid back approach to therapy. I do my best to help clients understand their symptoms and educate them by using pictures (sometimes my own [not so great] drawings), handouts, videos and other materials. I feel it is important for clients to feel comfortable to ask questions and understand what is going on with their own mental health.

I often see people struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, trauma, personality disorders and other life stressors that can contribute to feelings and thoughts that may be overwhelming. I have experience working in an inpatient mental health unit doing groups and meeting with people individually that can allow for a unique perspective to those that are in crisis or recently left the hospital.

I use an eclectic approach for therapy with individuals as no one approach fits all. I often will use CBT, ACT, systems, strengths-based, solution-focused, biopsychosocial, psychodynamic and mindfulness. I am always taking more trainings to expand my knowledge to better serve my clients


Augsburg University-MSW

Licenses and Certificates


Grace Gauthier, BS

Mental Health Practitioner

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Hi, my name is Grace, I am a caring person who loves listening to others’ stories. I am passionate about helping others and advocating for mental health. It is important to me to be multiculturally competent so I can better understand others and the world around me. You can expect a non-judgmental person who will meet you where you are at in life.

I am interested in multiculturalism. I believe that culture influences a person’s lifestyle, thought processes, values, and much more. I am interested in advocating for marginalized groups, specifically the LGBTQ+ community, and being a safe space for those who I work with.

As a Spanish-English interpreter for schools, I have worked with the Latinx community in the past. I have also worked as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.

I would describe my approach as a multicultural and feminist approach. I believe in meeting individuals where they are at. I also use person-centered techniques, and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I tend to use techniques and approaches that I believe will work best for the individual client.




University of Mary – BA in Psychology and Spanish


Current master’s level student studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Hope Larsen, MSW, LGSW


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My ideal client is working with children and families to improve their relationships and dynamics to function as a unit. Having worked for many years in child protection, I have seen how life’s challenges impact children and adults. I want to help them improve their relationships to make changes and create their own new paths.

Clients can expect to feel free to talk in a no judgment zone. My goal is to allow the client to share what is going so we can work together to create a therapeutic plan of action to make changes that improves the client’s life. The client shall feel comfortable as we build a trusting therapeutic relationship that allows for the client to be okay with the positives and negatives they may feel during the course of sessions.

I have worked with children and families impacted by addiction and trauma. This is an area I plan to seek further specialized treatment in to serve clients.

I have found motivational interviewing and solution focused therapy works well with adults to get them to “buy in.” When working with patients with depression and anxiety, cognitive behavioral therapy has worked, focusing on positive thoughts and changing the thought process. This includes giving small assignments to clients to report back with. In my internship, I was able to do some play therapy with children. It is amazing how creative kids can be with Lego’s and drawings when they get talking. Then when you ask something they don’t want to answer, it is like a switch in their head alerts them and they shift gears and totally change to a different toy or topic to talk about.


Florida State University-Master of Social Work (Clinical)

License and Certificates

Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW)

Jamie Sulflow, MA, LPCC


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My ideal client is one who is ready to share their experiences and work together to collaboratively create positive change in their life. I most enjoy working with adolescents and young adults, and am open to working with individuals, couples, and families of all ages. When you come to see me, you can expect to be able to share your experiences in an open and safe environment.

My clinical experience includes working with a range of clients including individuals displaying high-risk behaviors, families, young children, and adolescents. Much of my experience has been in working with anxiety and depression, adjustment challenges, mood disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, and family and relationship challenges.

My therapeutic techniques include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and motivational interviewing, as well as collaborative problem-solving (CCPS), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) skills.


Saint Mary’s University of MN, Rochester- Masters

Licenses and Certificates

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC)

Diagnosing Children Ages 5 and under (DC 0-5)

Collaborative Intensive Bridging Services/Systemic Family Therapy (CIBS/SFT)

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS)

Bennett Zielinski, MS, LPCC


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I enjoy helping children, teens, and adults recognize their potential, harness their individual strengths, and overcome life’s challenges to create that change for themselves. I am especially passionate about working with clients within the transgender community, or those who may be questioning their gender identity.

My strengths-based approach helps all my clients understand how experiences shape who they are and allow them to grow and heal. I believe in meeting my client where they are at and tailoring my approach to meet each individual’s needs. My goal is to help you reach your goals. This is your journey, I’m just here to walk with you.

I enjoy working with clients of all ages and am especially passionate about working with clients within the LGBTQ+ community. I am specifically trained in helping clients who are transgender or who may be questioning their gender identity. I pride myself on being open and affirming to all who enter my office. I also have experience working with anxiety, depression, loss, trauma, gender dysphoria, attachment, and managing life’s events.

I strive to help my clients by using a variety of techniques including humanistic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, sand-tray therapy, Adlerian therapy, and play therapy for the little clients.


Drake University – MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Licenses and Certificates

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor


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