Embedded Services Program

Ellie Family Services recognizes the need to fill gaps in mental healthcare, outside of what is traditionally offered. In order to fill one of those gaps, Ellie has created an Embedded Services Program that can help other health care and wellness professions, schools, and businesses to better support the mental and emotional wellbeing of their students, staff and clientele.


Ellie offers therapy services in other clinics including traditional medical settings, treatment centers, and holistic practices such as massage, chiropractic, and other alternative therapies! We believe that offering mental health services to anyone who needs it is important and see an opportunity to help develop comprehensive, integrated and holistic health care by integrating expert mental health professionals into other health-conscious organizations who want to provide these services to their clients.


Ellie supplements school-based services by offering our healthy line up of kid friendly therapy and/or CTSS in schools. We do all the billing and logistics and have integrated into several schools as another provider for students who need mental health support while at school. In-school support from Ellie can help kids and their families to enhance their mental, emotional and behavioral functioning, in order to better engage in school and at home.


Ellie will travel to businesses and offer therapy support to companies and their employees on a contracted basis. It can be short or long term and is customize for every business. We find that we are a more accessible version of EAP services when we are able to hold open office hours within the company campus. This allows your employees, our clients, to access mental health support at any time. Additionally, Ellie staff offer several professional services that include presentations on wellness topics.

For more information and a full list of professional services, email:



Its hassle free. We do the intake, the insurance, the billing and logistics. All we ask from you is for a private space to do therapy and to promote our services in your embedded setting to help get people the support they need.

We are health care innovators. There are no projects too big or too small for us to come in and help. We believe that our services can be beneficial for those tough work conversations and personal issues, all the way to helping kiddos in schools, and being the go to mental health experts in other clinics.