The individual person, experience, connection, and moment in time is really what is explored when a person engages in their own search for identity. From learning who you are, to learning how to love yourself, self-exploration and getting to know the real you is a journey of healing, adventure, pain, and growth. When we come out the other side we get to experience our whole self, and show up authentically in our life. We get to be true and honest to our individuality, our experiences, our pain, and our triumphs. Once in that place we get to be our best, feel our best, give our best, and live our best. We reach our ultimate goal of contentment and learn to treasure our ongoing journey. We get to Live Authentic.

The Live Authentic Collection is made to celebrate individual authenticity and the beauty of what makes each and every human being different. It’s made to embrace the journey people take when they decide to better their life through growth, self-discovery, and self-love. It’s what happens when someone decides to participate in their own wellness. Through therapy, through new experiences, through shedding toxicity, through hard work and whatever it takes to embrace who they are. The freedom granted from these experiences leaves humanity with a deeper care and acceptance for individuality. It unites us, creates tolerance, cultivates equality and allows people to Live Authentic.

Who GIVES a $&@%? Ellie Does!

Elephants. We feel pretty lucky to call those big guys (and gals) our inspiration. They are as majestic as they are calm and they have some pretty great alignment with mental health. After all it’s usually the elephant in the room that helps us heal. We know they need support as people around the world haven’t always been so kind to these gentle giants. When you buy merch from Ellie with an Elephant on it, we send some love their way. How much? Well 50% of our profits go to the World Wildlife Fund. Yup, 50%.

Individuals. We recognize that every human being functions in multiple capacities. As a group or unit, as a family, as a cohort, and as a individual being. We believe our individual contribution to the world is what makes it so great. To be an individual we recognize the need to live authentic. For people to do that is the greatest gift and we try to nurture it every single day. For every piece of merch that says “LIVE AUTHENTIC” on it we give 50% profit to the Human Rights Campaign. Yup, 50%

Families. If it weren’t for family we wouldn’t be here. No like literally, Ellie, WOULDN’T be here. We are grounded in family values and human connection, just like our big ole buds, elephants. We recognize that families are what make communities and we can’t think of a better way to give back to families than in our own community. Everything you buy from Ellie (books, shirts, classes, merch, etc.) Ellie gives a dollar back to our community. Local giving campaigns Ellie has participated in include local schools, new local initiatives, community projects and infrastructure, protecting our local resources and more!

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