May 12: Leveling Up Your Therapy: Geek Topics in Practice [3 CEU]


May 12, 2021 9:00AM-12:00PM
Training Location: Zoom
Topic: Leveling Up Your Therapy: Geek Topics in Practice
Presenters: LJ Taugher, MA and Austin Jacobsen, BS

LJ is a life long gamer with experience ranging from video games, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, anime, and a host of other geeky areas. LJ is a co-founder of an Ellie Family Services internal Geek Therapists group for therapists to connect and consult on how to integrate a client’s passions into therapy. There is currently no certification in “Geek Therapy” but LJ has been recognized as a “go to person” for helping other therapists generate creative ways to leverage client’s interested in geeky topics into established therapeutic interventions.

Austin has worked in the mental health field for over a decade, consistently bringing in geeky topics of all sorts into the mix. A life-long gamer and all around geek, Austin recognizes the value in games and geeky topics as a whole thanks to the creativity and sense of community involved. Austin co-founded the Geek Therapy Provider Group at Ellie Family Services with LJ Taugher, looking to bring together a talented group of creative clinicians to learn and grow from, and is often consulted with regarding bringing geekdom into therapy.

1. To explore how clinicians can integrate a client’s passions for geeky topics into sessions while using industry established therapeutic interventions
2. To reduce the stigmatization surrounding the use of geeky topics and mediums in therapeutic interventions
3. To discuss practical applications of integrating a client’s geeky passions in improve client engagement in the therapeutic process

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Clinicians will learn:
1. The history of geek interests and related stigma
2. What are geeky interests clients may have
3. What therapeutic elements are inherently present in a variety of geeky passions
4. How to adapt a client’s existing passion for a geeky topic to work into with established therapeutic interventions
5. Examples of how to leverage the most popular geeky topics into real world therapeutic interventions

Ellie is offering a CEU series to the greater mental health community! All trainings will accept up to 15 non-Ellie employees who would like to join us to learn more about various topics. These will all be held online. Following each training you will be provided a certificate of completion via email. CEU approvals pending for the following regulatory boards: BMFT, BSW, BBHT, Psychology, and Nursing. If interested please sign up here and we will save your seat!