June 9: OCD 2.0 Deep Dive [3 CEU]


June 9, 2021 9:00AM-12:00PM
Training Location: Zoom
Topic: OCD 2.0 Deep Dive
Presenter: Kyle Keller, MSW, LICSW

Kyle specializes in working with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, with a particular emphasis on Pure Obsessional OCD with religiosity. Kyle is passionate about this topic due to his own subjective experiences with OCD in a fundamentalist religious context. Kyle is trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and regularly consults with other professionals to explore creative interventions for individuals struggling with intrusive, obsessional thinking and ritualistic behaviors. Kyle takes a strengths-based, values driven perspective on treatment and incorporates ideas from a variety of clinical orientations and practice models.


1. Discuss and review the ACT hexaflex model and applications for OCD
2. Discuss creative/novel intervention strategies and ways of framing the therapeutic approach to best meet the client’s personalized needs
3. Discuss the issues of navigating transference and countertransference in the therapeutic relationship, and how to ground ones self as a therapist in this challenging work

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Attendees will:
1. Develop insight into the “client” experience and strategies for validating and reflecting this understanding to clients
2. Have increased understanding around the shame and negative self-conceptualization that is at the heart of OCD (as opposed to focusing strictly on obessions and compulsions).
3. Have increased ability to gain trust and develop therapeutic alliance with someone experiencing OCD.

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