Teen Art Therapy Group


Due to COVID-19 social distancing efforts, all groups will be put on HOLD until further notice.


Session Dates:  4/25 5/9 and 5/23
Adolescent art therapy group is for teens ages 12-18*.

This is an open group, so come once or come every time its held. To sign up, please contact Mamie directly at mamie@elliefamilyservices.com

Join other teens who are going through similar difficulties and use the artistic process to develop self-concept, self esteem and further process issues related to depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships and beyond.

The goal of this group is to take the internal experience and make it external through the creative process. Where words fail, art speaks! Not an artist? That is okay! Art therapy places emphasis on the process, not the product .

The cost of group is $30 per week. If you are interested in using insurance, please verify with your carrier that group therapy is covered. Every participant must meet with Matthew to complete an initial session before attending the group. The group cap each week is 6 members, so sign up today!

For more information about art therapy, visit the American Art Therapy Association website at https://arttherapy.org

*18 year old participants must still be attending high school