Co-Parenting Class


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This class is not your ordinary co-parenting class. Its fun, filled with rewarding info, and a really great “life skills” class for reducing overall stress in all your relationships. This class focuses on the mandate areas designated by the state of MN rules for co-parenting but includes a focus and emphasis on parent goals, tips and tools for easier transitions for adults going through divorce/breakups, as well as interactive communication exercises. Each participant goes home with a folder full of resources, and Lunch (full day class) and snacks are included!

The Co-Parenting Class is offered in person (6.5 hours) and in an on-line/in-person combination class (4.5 hours on-line, 2 hours in classroom) to allow for maximum flexibility while still retaining essentials gained from in-person learning.

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June 1-8, June 5-10