November 18: Integrating Psychedelic Experiences in Psychotherapy [3 CEU] VIRTUAL REGISTRATION


November 18, 2021 9:00AM-12:00PM
Training Location: ZOOM
Topic: Integrating Psychedelic Experiences in Psychotherapy
Presenters: Kyle Keller, MSW, LICSW; Kyle Ross, MS, LPCC; Kayla Felton, MSW, LICSW

Kyle is a trauma therapist and OCD specialist with 15 years of experience in the field of mental health, across a variety of settings including 8 years as a psychotherapist. Along with Ellie founder Erin Pash and director of CBS Kyle Ross, Kyle has co-founded a clinic, called Institute for Integrative Therapies, which provides Psychedelic-Assisted therapy in partnership with a licensed physician. Currently Ketamine is the only psychedelic available in Minnesota, outside of research settings. Institute for Integrative Therapies is laying the foundation to provide additional psychedelic therapies as they become available. Kyle is a Certified Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapist by the California Institute for Integral Studies, an institution founded by leader’s in the field of psychedelic-medicine. Kyle is in process of completing the MAPS MDMA-Assisted Therapy certification program.


1. Discuss the re-emergence of psychedelics in medicine, their application in treating PTSD and other conditions, and provide an overview of the effects, risks/dangers and consequences of psychedelic experiences from a harm-reduction model. This includes a differentiation between the recreational and therapeutic use of psychedelic substances.
2. Discuss the Ketamine-Assisted Therapy treatment process, including assessment/diagnostics, preparation, treatment and integration. Assessment to include contraindications, medical considerations, candidacy and relevant disorders for application, with a particular focus on trauma and treatment-resistant depression (w/suicidality).
3. Discuss and explore the integration process- define integration, identify relevant evidence-based therapeutic modalities that best support integration (including IFS, ACT). Answer the questions: what is integration, why is it important and what are the barriers to achieving it? Focus primarily on the ACT hexaflex model.

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Attendees will:
1. Understand the broad psychological effects of psychedelic experiences.
2. Learn to identify red-flags/contraindications for psychedelic use.
3. Learn the dangers of recreational psychedelic use.
4. Learn how to help clients explore the risks/consequences of psychedelic experiences, and in general how to talk with clients about this subject, through a harm-reduction lens.
5. Develop a deeper understanding of what Ketamine-Assisted Therapy is, who it’s for, and how it’s delivered. They will gain an understanding of how to assess for candidacy.
6. Develop knowledge of the KAP therapeutic process, and how to help prepare clients, as well as support their post treatment integration.
7. Develop an understanding of what the Ketamine experience is like, so that they are able to follow, reflect, validate and support client’s who’ve received the course of treatment.
8. Develop skills for supporting clients in processing their experiences, and in identifying “seeds” (observations, changes, opportunities) that can be “watered” with the support of clinician.
9. Learn the ACT model, and the 6 main domains of intervention, including some practical skills from each of these domains.

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