October 26: Internal Family Systems-All Parts Welcome in the Self-led Life [3 CEU] VIRTUAL registration


October 26, 2021 12:00pm-3:00pm
Training Location: Zoom
Topic: Internal Family Systems-All Parts Welcome in the Self-led Life
Presenter: Shawn Neel, MS, LMFT, CSAT

Shawn has completed the first year of IFS training (level one) and has participated in a number of community continuity circles through the Center for Self Leadership aimed at the use of IFS with trauma and child abuse and IFS parts work trailheads. In addition, he has consulted with complementary modalities of Pia Mellody’s Developmental Trauma model, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), Brainspotting and parts spotting, and Adaptive Internal Relational Network therapy (AIR) to bring the fullness of treatment out of IFS theory. Shawn is also an instructor at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota where he has taught Masters level coursework in marriage and family theory for over seven years.


  1. Clinicians will be able to succinctly explain to clients the neurological processes by which all humans dissociate or have “parts” and how this normative process is a healthy coping skill.
  2. Identity parts in collaboration with a client, facilitate how clients can be in relationship with their parts and understand the purpose of parts creation for protective measures.
  3. Differentiate between normative parts language and more significant dissociation and depersonalization that would require more advanced training for trauma part unburdening.

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Attendees will learn differentiation between Self, Exiles, Managers, Firefighter parts and the internal motivation as a protector that each is employing. Awareness of the permission for all parts to have a voice and a positive purpose, the ability to facilitate the communication and possible integration of parts with self-energy, how to explain parts language without pathologizing, two specific set-ups for working with parts (direct access and internal communication). The 5 P’s of an IFS therapist and the 8 C’s of IFS therapy.

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