October 4: Body/Mind Series: Introduction to Polyvagal Theory and Clinical Implications [3 CEU]


October 4, 2021 12:00PM-3:00pm
Training Location: Zoom
Topic: Body/Mind Series: Introduction to Polyvagal Theory and Clinical Applications
Presenter: Rachel Slough-Johnson, MS, LMFT, TCTSY-F

Rachel Slough-Johnson has advanced trainings in polyvagal theory, Safe and Sound protocol, neurology of trauma, and applications of polyvagal theory in addictions/self-destructive behaviors.

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  1. Recognize the neurology and science of polyvagal theory
  2. Name the clinical presentations where polyvagal theory and associated treatments may be indicated
  3. Recognize applications and interventions within scope of practice.
    Ellie is offering a CEU series to the greater mental health community! All trainings welcome up to 15 non-Ellie employees who would like to join us to learn more about various topics. Following each training you will be provided a certificate of completion via email. CEU approvals pending for the following regulatory boards: BMFT, BSW, BBHT, Psychology, and Nursing. If interested please sign up here and we will save your seat!