September 8: Couples Therapy Series: Couples/Relational Therapy 101 [3 CEU]


September 8, 2021 9:00AM-12:00PM
Training Location: Zoom
Topic: Couples Therapy Series: Couples/Relational Therapy 101
Presenters: Jessica Van Berkum, MA, LMFT & Lydia Cotch, MA

Jessica Van Berkum, MA, LMFT
My licensure is in Marriage and Family therapy. I worked in a private practice where I was trained in Experiential couples work early in my career. I came to Ellie to get back into relational work as it is in my blood. I work with couples and families as part of my clinical practice with Ellie. I love this work but am by no means an expert.  This training is based on my personal experience in working with relational issues.

Lydia Cotch, MA
My credentials are MA as I am finishing my licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy. Since graduate school I’ve been interested in couples and families work. My first experience with couples work was with high schoolers running group and dyadic sessions working toward healthy relational dynamics and boundaries. I completed Complex Family Systems training at Ellie, work with court mandated couples and families, and have started taking on co-parenting clients to continue working with different parts of the system.


  1. Discuss difference between individual therapy and couples/relational therapy.
  2. Discuss establishing boundaries between client(s) and therapist
  3. Explore interventions, difficult topics, and other resources.

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This training is basic 101 of what couples/relational work looks like. We will look at the how this work look different than individual therapy and how to establish ethical boundaries between the clients and therapist. We will briefly look different interventions, what difficult topics come up in couples work, differing types of couples work, and popular names and trainings in the couples world.

Ellie is offering a CEU series to the greater mental health community! All trainings will accept up to 15 non-Ellie employees who would like to join us to learn more about various topics. These will all be held online. Following each training you will be provided a certificate of completion via email. CEU approvals pending for the following regulatory boards: BMFT, BSW, BBHT, Psychology, and Nursing. If interested please sign up here and we will save your seat!