In Home & Community Based Services

At Ellie Family Services, we believe in meeting the needs of everyday families through innovation, collaboration & creative problem-solving. We know that coming to our clinic isn’t always an option or in your best interest therapeutically. We offer several community-based services to help meet your unique needs, in-home or in your community. You can always ask questions or request additional information by completing the form at the bottom of the page.


In-Home Therapy and ARMHS are offered in Ramsey, Hennepin, Washington & Dakota counties.

In Home Therapy

Ellie Family Services offers in home therapy to clients who are enrolled in Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP, Medical Assistance, Minnesota Care, including Pre-Paid Medical Assistance Plans or PMAPs through Blue Cross, Health Partners, UCARE, Medica and Hennepin Health).  Currently we offer these services to Ramsey, Hennepin, Washington and Dakota County Residents. Our dynamic professionals will come to your home to help you process through skills, emotions, relationships, mental health, communication, and other areas of your life that may be impacted and helped by a mental health practitioner. We work with a variety of issues with people of all ages.

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Specialized In Home Therapy

Maternal Mental Health Services

Ellie Family Services is pleased to be spearheading an in-home maternal mental health program for pregnant and post-partum moms enrolled in MN Health Care Programs (MHCP, medical assistance, and MN Care) and live in Hennepin, Ramsey, and Dakota county. Access to maternal mental health services can be difficult. Stigma, shame, and lack of resources, as well as individual, familial, and social barriers all contribute to moms and families not receiving help and therapeutic support for this huge life transition.

Not only are moms and families caring for a newborn, they are also navigating the turbulent waters of new roles and responsibilities that this transition brings, which triggers stress and increasing risk for post-partum mood disorders.

We are offering individual, couples, and family therapy as part of this program, as well as offering community resources that can further support the transition to becoming a parent.  At Ellie, we are passionate about serving moms and families that need psychotherapy services that are, for whatever reason, unable to make it to office visits. We see moms with all post-partum mood disorders and help with the transition into life as a new and/or growing family.

Our dynamic professionals will come to your home to help you process through skills, emotions, relationships, mental health, communication, and other areas of your life that may be impacted and helped by a mental health practitioner, who specializes in maternal mental health.

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Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) are a set of services that were developed to bring restorative, recovery-oriented interventions directly to individuals who have the capacity to benefit from them, whether in their homes or elsewhere in the community. ARMHS includes four components:

Basic living and social skills

We coach and model activities that instruct, assist and support a recipient in skill areas essential for every day, independent living

Community intervention

We have developed unique strategies to alleviate or reduce client’s barriers to community integration or independent living and to minimize the risk of hospitalization or placement in a more restrictive living arrangement. We include real stake holders (relatives, guardians, friends, employer, landlord, treatment providers, or other significant) into our approach when necessary to change situations and allow the recipient to function more independently.

Medication education

We believe that knowledge is power and this service provides knowledge that helps clients, families, or significant others in the correct procedures for maintaining a prescription medication regimen. This can be done in an individual or group setting, whatever best meets the client’s needs.

Transitioning to community living

We know that sometimes there are situations where clients are moving from an in-patient facility or programming and need extra support so they effectively transition into the community. We provide creative solutions and strategies that coach skills to set the client up for success.

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Ellie staff have specialized training to better the services they provide clients who are a part of the LGBT+ community. We cater our ARMHS services to meet the unique needs of this population and strive to help our clients towards better outcomes. With a greater understanding of the LGBT+ community and the difficulties this community may face, we find it to be extra important that our program and staff be knowledgeable, compassionate, and understanding when working with our LGBT+ clients as a part of our ARMHS program. To make a referral please complete the referral form above.


We know it’s important. At Ellie Family Services one way we fill the gaps in services is to ensure that no matter what your “eligibility” for a program is, we have solutions in funding. What this means is that, in addition to providing ARMHS services to clients on eligible Minnesota Health Care Programs (MNCare and Medical Assistance) we ALSO offer a sliding fee scale for these services based on your income. If you are interested in this service but your insurance doesn’t cover it, definitely inquire with our staff. WE are dedicated to being creative in service funding to make sure YOU are getting services needed for your wellness.

In Office Services

At Ellie Family Services we believe in providing world class services to our clients by taking an innovative, client-centered approach that’s designed to best address your unique needs.  Our offices provide a warm, comfortable environment for growth, and our therapists use creative strategies and techniques to best serve you.

We provide therapy to people of all ages in all-encompassing settings (individuals, couples, groups, families, etc.) and specialize in the following areas:

Adjustment Issues
Anger Issues
Attachment difficulties
Autism-Spectrum Disorders
Behavioral Issues

Maternal Mental Health and Peripartum Mood Disorders
Developmental Disorders
Divorce/ Blended Families
Family Conflict
Intergenerational Issues
LGBTQ Issues (we follow WPATH Standards of Care in addressing Gender Dysphoria)

Live Authentic™

Mood disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Personality Disorders
Relational Issues & Communication Barriers
Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
Sexual Health

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To make an in-office referral, please complete the following form. A member of the Ellie team will be in touch within 1 business day.

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Specialist Services

Parenting Plans
Family, Systems & Group Counseling
Maternal Mental Health and Peripartum Mood Disorders
LGBTQ and Gender Exploring psychotherapy (following WPATH Standards of Care)


(ACT) Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, CBT, DBT, Psychodynamic, Interpersonal, Mindfulness-based, Narrative, Solution-Focused, Adlerian, Jungian, Transpersonal, Attachment-Focused, Relational, Humanistic, Experiential, Existential, Art-based, Motivation Enhancing, Eclectic and Integrative Approaches

Do you, or does someone you know, struggle in one of these areas? Call our office today at 651-313-8080 to get more information or to schedule an appointment.

Rates & Insurance

Ellie Family Services is in network with many major insurance companies. Please call our office to see what insurance benefits are covered for your specific needs. Traditionally most therapy sessions are covered.   There are benefits to not billing your insurances. Insurance companies require a diagnosis which is recorded into your permanent medical record. While this is not a huge concern for most, it is important to understand how this can impact you and your future coverages of insurance. One of our providers can help you navigate through using insurance or paying for services on your own.

Our rates vary between $80-$175 an hour for most services and we also offer a sliding fee scale for clients who meet specific income guidelines. If you are interested in learning more about the cost of our services, please call us today at 651.313.8080.

Children’s Mental Health

Ellie Family Services has a full team of therapists who work with kids. All of our therapists love to be challenged in the process of collaborating with kids to find new, creative and engaging strategies to:

  • calm their bodies and minds and learn new ways to focus
  • help them regulate their emotions
  • connect to their sources of strength and resiliency
  • enhance their sense of connectivity with values and meaning
  • develop effective communication and “give voice” to their experiences
  • address and heal conflict and ruptures in the family
  • work through the adjustment process related to divorce and conflict
  • address trauma related anxiety and mood struggles
  • feel more confident and develop healthy, positive self-concept
  • develop a healthy sense of identity
  • address concerns related to gender identity and sexual orientation
  • explore and enhance creativity

All Ellie therapists have strong skill in diagnostic assessment and work to address each child’s needs in the intake process. We also offer specializations in different areas of practice, including (but not limited to):

Childhood Development, Family Dynamics, Childhood Trauma, Play Therapy, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Teen Issues, Anxiety and Depression, Divorce and Co-Parenting, LGBT concerns, Opposition, and Substance Use.

Many of our services are covered by insurance and some of them are even available in-home. Call our office to determine what options are available for you and your child.

Most importantly, Ellie therapists strive to connect with kids on an authentic level, and understand that strong, trusting connections are the best predictors of success. Ellie staff begin the therapeutic process by finding ways to relate to kids. We have staff who are musicians, writers, artists and performers and use their creative side in making these connections.

 Ellie Family Services offers children several options for therapy with kids ages 0 and up. Some of the types of therapy we offer are:

Evaluation & Testing

Comprehensive evaluation and testing offered by a Licensed Psychologist specializing in children’s mental health, including the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD/ADD, OCD and other mood and behavioral disorders.

Child Therapy

The work unfolds between the therapist and the child to help address the child’s individual needs and heal from the inside out through their therapeutic relationship. This often includes lots of play therapy (direct and non-direct)!

Family Therapy

This includes everyone! Sometimes with the child and often times without, working with the whole family (siblings, grandparents, or whomever we determine together can help the process) will meet with the therapist and learn skills and tools to help the whole family system.

Conjoint Therapy

This type of therapy includes the child, the therapist and other members of the child’s support system. Often the therapeutic process can be optimized when we include members of the family to help the child process family issues and to help the work continue with a supportive person at home.

Reunification/Rebalancing Therapy

When kids have been away from a person in their life, often times a parent, we work with all members of the family to help work through trauma, communication skills, and reconnect and rebalance the family system so kids can develop quality focused relationships with important people in their life!

Parenting Therapy

At Ellie we offer tons of different services for parents whether they are together or apart. Our Co-Parenting Institute helps outline different parenting services which includes, therapy, parenting plans, high conflict communication strategies, and developmental parenting tools to help reduce trauma and help increase positive outcomes for your child.

Groups & Workshops


At Ellie Family Services, our mission is to better the lives of everyday families by creating and delivering innovative and customized wellness solutions.  We offer workshops and training that are designed to provide skills and enhance knowledge in various areas related to daily life and family functioning.

Our workshops are offered by request only, to groups of 10 or more or organizations who are interested in utilizing this service. Workshops may be held at your location or hosted by Ellie Family Services.

If you would like to request one of our current workshops, or discuss a customized workshop based on your needs, please give us a call at 651-313-8080 or send an email with details of your request to

<< Current Workshops >>

Co-Parenting workshop

Our Co-Parenting workshop is designed to teach and coach separating and divorcing parents the skills they need to maintain healthy relationships with their children and to ensure positive outcomes for them.  

This workshop is offered by request, to groups of 10 or more or organizations who are interested in utilizing this service. This workshop may be held at your location or hosted by Ellie Family Services.

Please call our front desk if you would like to speak with us further to inquire about this service.

**This workshop meets the State of Minnesota requirement for Parent Education for those clients in a contested divorce**

Family Communication Workshop

This 2 hour workshop is designed to teach how families work as a system. The focus of the workshop is communication strategies for families with school age and adolescent children.

Our goal is to teach and coach families how to embrace and succeed in the emotional (and other) challenges that come with a modern family.

This workshop is offered by request, to groups of 10 or more or organizations who are interested in utilizing this service. This workshop may be held at your location or hosted by Ellie Family Services.

Please call our front desk if you would like to speak with us further to inquire about this service.

Customized Workshops

Are you looking for trainings, workshops, or group experiences in the areas of wellness? Ellie Family Services has dedicated wellness professionals who are well versed in customizing programs to your specific needs.

Some topics we offer include, Decreasing Work Place Stress and Anxiety, Team Building, Understanding Mental Health, Addiction 101, De-escalation, Personal and Professional Goal Planning, etc.

<< Current Groups >>

Divorce Therapy Group for Women

This 8-session therapy group is for women experiencing separation or divorce. This program will provide participants with information, tools and support to successfully navigate the process of separating from their partner, while also minimizing the negative impact on themselves and their families.

Each session will begin with mindfulness and stress management techniques, followed by a discussion on a specific divorce/separation-
related topic, and finally an opportunity for participants to seek and provide support and input on their specific situations.

Topics Include:

  • Navigating the legal process (and pitfalls) of divorce
  • Relational trauma, how to recognize it, and how to heal
  • Why divorce is hard on kids, and how you can minimize the damage
  • Building a healthy co-parenting relationship
  • Creating two households for your children that both feel like Home
  • Grieving the old future while creating a new one
  • Surviving the holidays
  • Re-starting (or adjusting) your career

Teen Art Therapy Group

Ellie Family Services is now offering an art therapy group for adolescents where teens can use their creative minds to explore and express themselves. Join other teens who are going through similar difficulties and use the artistic process to develop self-concept, self esteem and further process issues related to depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships and beyond. The goal of this group is to take the internal experience and make it external through the creative process. Where words fail, art speaks! Not an artist? That is okay! Art therapy places emphasis on the process, not the product .

Adolescent art therapy group is for teens ages 14-18*, takes place every Wednesday from 7:00-8:30 and is an open group, which means come one week or come every week! This group is led by art therapist Mamie Vetsch. The cost of group is $30** per week.  *18 year old participants must still be attending high school

Family Transitions Group

Ellie Family Services is excited to announce that we will be offering a therapeutic support group for families of transgender relatives, open to all adult relatives of transitioning or transgender persons. This includes adult children, spouses or partners, parents, or other related individuals. Families of transitioning individuals experience their own unique challenges in adjusting to their relative’s transition process, and can benefit from making meaningful connections to others.

This group will be held the second Saturday of the month from 10- 11:30am in the St. Paul location.  CLICK HERE for more info.


**If you have insurance and want to see if you can get it to cover your group fee, additional paperwork and a one-on-one meeting may be required before the group begins.

Web Based Services

Ellie Family Services is a creative and innovative company and we understand that life sometimes gets in the way of getting help.  We are proud to offer the following services, which we believe provide clients with a more self-paced, on the go and mobile therapeutic experience.


SPIRO is a free wellness service for those looking to enhance their lives through skill building, daily affirmation and other self-care skills. For full information on SPIRO and getting matched to content that fits your unique needs, please click here or go to the SPIRO tab at the top menu bar.

Cloud Based/Telephonic Visits

Our robust therapy services can be offered in a cloud based environment. We can use technology to improve lives by bridging distance and busy schedules. If you don’t feel that traditional therapy is a great fit for you, but believe that you could benefit from skills training and therapeutic contact, from time to time, this might be the perfect service for you!

You will be able to talk to a professional, get some tools, feedback and validation without having to leave your home or office. We offer cloud visits in 15, 30 and 60 minute increments.

  • Some insurance plans will cover tele-therapy. Talk to one of our therapists today to see if you qualify. We also accept private pay if this is desired.