Children’s Mental Health

Ellie Family Services has a full team of therapists who work with kids. All of our therapists love to be challenged in the process of collaborating with kids to find new, creative and engaging strategies to:

  • calm their bodies and minds and learn new ways to focus
  • help them regulate their emotions
  • connect to their sources of strength and resiliency
  • enhance their sense of connectivity with values and meaning
  • develop effective communication and “give voice” to their experiences
  • address and heal conflict and ruptures in the family
  • work through the adjustment process related to divorce and conflict
  • address trauma related anxiety and mood struggles
  • feel more confident and develop healthy, positive self-concept
  • develop a healthy sense of identity
  • address concerns related to gender identity and sexual orientation
  • explore and enhance creativity

All Ellie therapists have strong skill in diagnostic assessment and work to address each child’s needs in the intake process. We also offer specializations in different areas of practice, including (but not limited to):

Childhood Development, Family Dynamics, Childhood Trauma, Play Therapy, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Teen Issues, Anxiety and Depression, Divorce and Co-Parenting, LGBT concerns, Opposition, and Substance Use.

Many of our services are covered by insurance and some of them are even available in-home. Call our office to determine what options are available for you and your child.

Most importantly, Ellie therapists strive to connect with kids on an authentic level, and understand that strong, trusting connections are the best predictors of success. Ellie staff begin the therapeutic process by finding ways to relate to kids. We have staff who are musicians, writers, artists and performers and use their creative side in making these connections.

Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS)

Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) is a flexible package of rehabilitative mental health services to meet the needs of each individual child. CTSS provides varying degrees of care for children and youth who require more than psychotherapy alone to return lost capabilities and restore them to normal development.

Who is Eligible?

Children under 18 who have been diagnosed with an emotional disturbance or, youth between the ages of 18 and 21 who have been diagnosed with a mental illness are eligible AND who have eligible insurance or funding which typically includes children on Medical Assistance including Pre-Paid Medical Assistance Providers (PMAPs)

A care provider will assess the child’s rehabilitative needs and then design a package of services to meet those needs. CTSS services may take place in an office or at home, school or elsewhere in the community. CTSS helps children and families develop skills in areas such as anger, aggression, following directions, following rules, relating to peers, anxiety, depression, family conflicts and much more.

Goals may include

  • Building self-esteem
  • Increasing coping skills
  • Improving relationships
  • Anger management
  • Daily living skills
  • Better communications
  • Stress management
  • Assertive skills
  • Following rules
  • Expressing feelings
  • Solving problems
  • Social skills
  • Better boundaries
  • Parenting skills
  • Listening skills

Ellie Family Services offers children several options for therapy with kids ages 0 and up. Some of the types of therapy we offer are:

Evaluation & Testing

Comprehensive evaluation and testing offered by a Licensed Psychologist specializing in children’s mental health, including the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD/ADD, OCD and other mood and behavioral disorders.

Child Therapy

The work unfolds between the therapist and the child to help address the child’s individual needs and heal from the inside out through their therapeutic relationship. This often includes lots of play therapy (direct and non-direct)!

Family Therapy

This includes everyone! Sometimes with the child and often times without, working with the whole family (siblings, grandparents, or whomever we determine together can help the process) will meet with the therapist and learn skills and tools to help the whole family system.

Conjoint Therapy

This type of therapy includes the child, the therapist and other members of the child’s support system. Often the therapeutic process can be optimized when we include members of the family to help the child process family issues and to help the work continue with a supportive person at home.

Reunification/Rebalancing Therapy

When kids have been away from a person in their life, often times a parent, we work with all members of the family to help work through trauma, communication skills, and reconnect and rebalance the family system so kids can develop quality focused relationships with important people in their life!

Parenting Therapy

At Ellie we offer tons of different services for parents whether they are together or apart. Our Co-Parenting Institute helps outline different parenting services which includes, therapy, parenting plans, high conflict communication strategies, and developmental parenting tools to help reduce trauma and help increase positive outcomes for your child.

Children’s Psychiatric Medication Management Services

Sometimes our mental health stress involves biological changes that contribute to our pain and struggle, and may be addressed best with a combination of therapy and medication. Our psychiatric prescribers take a holistic and integrative approach to mental health, and work in collaboration with your therapist to ensure that you’re receiving care on multiple levels- the biological, the psychological, the relational and the behavioral. Medications may be used to treat a variety of conditions, across the spectrum, from depression and anxiety to grief and trauma. Use of medications can contribute to healing by initiating biological changes in the brain, which can help to make therapy more effective, and provide more rapid relief for your child to work through the challenges they face.