Clinical Licensure Supervision Program

Ellie Family Services offers a clinical licensure supervision program to employees seeking their license as an LMFT, LICSW, and LPCC*. We believe the best supervision experience comes from having multiple supervisors to shape your growth and give you a well-rounded experience. As such we feel providing robust, affordable supervision to employees is the best way to support up and coming clinicians to get great supervision! One of the benefits of working at Ellie is receiving up to HALF of your clinical licensure supervision for FREE!

Supervision Rates

Group:               FREE!!! Up to 4 hours per month!
Individual:      $50/hour (AKA cheaper than it is out there in the wild!)
Dyad*:              $25/hour (what a steal!)

*dyad supervision is only available to folks pursuing MFT licensure, per Regulatory Board requirements.


For more information please contact us

Ellie Employees:

All Ellie employees are eligible to receive up to 4** group supervision hours, per month FOR FREE as a part of their employment (pretty cool, AMIRITE?!). Additionally, Ellie Family Services offers affordable individual supervision with one of our highly esteemed supervisor clinicians.

*Availability is first come first serve and there is no guarantee that the required supervisor will be immediately available.
**Supervision is typically scheduled for a minimum of 4 hours per month. Due to staff changes and unforeseen circumstances, supervision may get rescheduled from time to time and it will be decided by the supervisor and the group if the group will meet. If the group decides not to meet, the hours may fall below 4 group hours in a month.
Ellie Employees: Click here to pay for individual supervision. THX!