At Ellie Family Services we believe in providing world class services to our clients by taking an innovative, client-centered approach that’s designed to best address your unique needs. Our offices provide a warm, comfortable environment for growth, and our therapists use creative strategies and techniques to best serve you.

We provide therapy to people of all ages in all-encompassing settings (individuals, couples, groups, families, etc.) and specialize in the following areas:

Adjustment Issues
Anger Issues
Attachment difficulties
Autism-Spectrum Disorders
Behavioral Issues

Maternal Mental Health and Peripartum Mood Disorders
Developmental Disorders
Divorce/ Blended Families
Family Conflict
Intergenerational Issues
LGBTQ Issues (we follow WPATH Standards of Care in addressing Gender Dysphoria)

Mood disorders
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Personality Disorders
Relational Issues & Communication Barriers
Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
Sexual Health

Specialist Services

Parenting Plans
Family, Systems & Group Counseling
Maternal Mental Health and Peripartum Mood Disorders
(ACT) Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, CBT, DBT, Psychodynamic, Interpersonal, Mindfulness-based, Narrative, Solution-Focused, Adlerian, Jungian, Transpersonal, Attachment-Focused, Relational, Humanistic, Experiential, Existential, Art-based, Motivation Enhancing, EMDR, Eclectic and Integrative Approaches

Rates & Insurance

Ellie Family Services is in network with many major insurance companies. Please call our office to see what insurance benefits are covered for your specific needs. Traditionally most therapy sessions are covered. There are benefits to not billing your insurances. Insurance companies require a diagnosis which is recorded into your permanent medical record. While this is not a huge concern for most, it is important to understand how this can impact you and your future coverages of insurance. One of our providers can help you navigate through using insurance or paying for services on your own.

Our rates vary between $80-$175 an hour for most services and we also offer a sliding fee scale for clients who meet specific income guidelines. If you are interested in learning more about the cost of our services, please call us today at 651.313.8080.