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What are Sky Sessions?

Sky Sessions are the Ellie way of delivering high quality and user-friendly “tele-health” (online, by phone or computer) services to our clients both near and far. We thought the phrase “tele-health” sounded a bit confusing, and maybe even intimidating at times, and wanted to integrate a platform into our website that would be simple, reliable and consistent with the Ellie vibe.

Sky sessions is a customized platform that has strong security, excellent video and audio and is user friendly.

We are taking referrals for tele-health (online) services across multiple programs, including therapy, medication management, ARMHS & CTSS.

To get started with online services, you can contact our office directly by phone at 651-313-8080 and speak  or complete a referral form on our referral’s page:



The Health Resources Services Administration defines tele-health as “the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration. ” That’s a mouthful!

Basically, tele-health at Ellie is the same services you’d expect in clinic, but instead it takes place online, and may be accessed by a computer or phone.

You can meet with your provider from the comfort of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or where ever feels right.

We recommend finding a comfortable and “away from others” space of your choosing, and encourage you to be aware of anyone else that might be able to hear what you’re saying (we do love to meet your cats, dogs or exotic lizard pets if they’re around though).

On our end, we will be sitting in our secured office-space where you might catch a glimpse of our cactus or cool elephant painting on the wall. It’s really that simple- we talk and do therapy, in real-time, at a distance.

Privacy is super important, and we utilize HIPAA approved platforms to ensure the security of your interactions with us online.

Stay tuned for more info and resources to come!

online therapy