Why Ellie Family Services?

Ellie Family Services was the idea of two passionate and frustrated therapists who knew they needed the opportunity to be creative if they were going to find solutions to helping people with their mental health. That combination of passion and frustration was the energy source and single greatest motivator in the creation of a company, a brand, and a culture that aims to fill gaps in the wellness industry.

Ellie Family Services vows to be different.

Not the cliché “we’re unique,” but really and truly different. The mental health and wellness field presents a lot of barriers. Not just for clients and the community, but for the helpers, givers, therapists, workers, and creatives who don’t just do it to be gainfully employed. They too are passionate and frustrated. Ellie knew that if it wanted to be truly different it would have to problem solve barriers in the field at all levels.

The Company Structure

Ellie is a socially responsible for-profit business. The reasons behind this company structure are vast but the biggest reason is: flexibility. A lot of mental health and wellness focused companies are actually non-profits, or even government agencies. Due to the nature of those types of businesses and their reliance on the general public, grants, or large donors, there is often little creativity in the work and traditionally lower compensation which, when combined, can promote a work culture that just makes people feel, blah. Additionally, when there are big boards and long lists of approval for new initiatives, a lot gets missed.

In the feelings business, feeling blah doesn’t help employees stay motivated, engaged, or even in their jobs for a very long time. So, we put our thinking caps on and asked, how can we fill the gaps in the employment experience and address the needs of the community while being able to make quick and vital decisions on their behalf? Our answer: we decided to create an organization that puts flexibility, sensical decision making, creativity, and our people first while remaining a socially aware, conscious, and responsible for-profit business focused on changing how we treat mental health.

The Employee Experience

We take care of our people. It’s that simple. From investing in their financial future, to providing wages that shatter the ceiling in our industry, to reasonable caseload expectations, and “Cadillac” healthcare benefits, we ensure that our people are happy. Happy employees do better work, are more customer service focused, and feel good about the work they do.

We also know that when you have a tough job with a high risk of emotional fatigue and burnout, the opportunity to grow and be creative are the only antidotes. Our employees have clear growth plans for advancing their career, with the opportunity to create new programing if that’s the path they choose. We have created a culture that reminds us that our employees are the leaders and the leaders make their passion for helping others into the reality they always wanted it to be.

The Customer Service

One of the frustrations of the founders was the very principle that healthcare doesn’t invest in customer service. Ever waited to see your doctor for over an hour and the response is, “sorry, that’s just how it is?” We believe that people get a say in choosing their providers and that we should be working hard to make sure they have confidence and respect from their care team. At Ellie we have a unique client-therapist matching system to make sure clients get a therapist who is a good fit, we have policies to ensure that every person gets a phone call within 24 hour of reaching our office to schedule an appointment, we go the extra mile to make sure all of our clients have a nice clean office to spend their time in and a waiting area with warm beverages to help them relax. These things are just the beginning of how the Ellie Client Experience becomes the priority and central focus of our business.

Our Why

We do it because it makes sense, and science of course. There is an abundance of research that says that taking some intentional time to help your mental health increases your overall wellbeing and life satisfaction. We think of our services as an opportunity for your brain to take a break. A break that includes support from a professional secret keeper who will ride with you on your emotional journey and may even offer suggestions along the way. We believe that there isn’t a single person in this world who couldn’t benefit from some therapy at different times in their life. We know that the associated stigma of getting help for your mental health is crap and we fight hard to bust the myths. Why? Because it just makes sense. Who doesn’t want to live a healthier and more satisfied life? Isn’t that the ultimate goal?